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{Hope you like Our Honeymoon Photo Album in Easter Carribean}

Our Honeymoon Photo Album

Here are the pictures of the Carribean Cruise
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{Our Honeymoon in U.S. Virgin Islands}

{We began our journey at Miami Beach in Florida}

Miami Beach

{We visited The Blue Lagoon in Bahama}

Naussau Bahama

{Our 2nd stop is Puerto Rico}

Puerto Rico

{Our ship docked at St. Thomas}

St. Croix/St. Thomas

{The people were singing Happy Honeymoon at Carnival Dining Room }

Carnival Cruise

{There's Huan snorkel in St. John}

St. John
{We are walking on the beach of Blue Lagoon}

{Pictures The Groom family prepare to go to the Bride's House} Page 1