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{Good Lucks to all the Single Girls and Guys....}

Our Wedding Photo Album Page 24

{Who will be the lucky one?}
{Thanks for participating in the game.}
Here are the pictures of our friends
catching the Bridal Bouquet & Garter.

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{Are you ready to catch the Bridal Bouquet?? Who will be the next lucky girl?}

Throw Bouquet

{It is mine Bouquet! Don't you dare to catch it! }

Catch Bouquet

{Are you guys ready? 1! 2! 3!}

Throw Garter

{Everybody concentrated on where to catch the Garter.}

Catch Garter

{It's mine! Don't you dare to catch it!}

Catch Garter

{Trung catched the Garter and Anh catched the Bouquet.}

Catcher Couple
{Thanks for participating in the game.}

{Picture The Groom family prepare to go to the Bride's House} Page 1