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Our Wedding Photo Album Page 2

Here are the pictures of the Millenium Wedding
@ the Bride's House in Foster City.

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{Waiting for the bride to come downstair}

The Groom & Best Man are ready

{The Bride is walking down the stairs}

The Bride walk down

{The Groom give the Bride a beautiful Bouquet}

Give the Bride the Bouquet

{The Bridal Bouquet is made by Flower Decor}

The Bridesmaid's Bouquet

{Wow! What a beautiful bouquet}

Bride & Groom

{Bestman Trung gives the flower to Bridemaid Trang}

Bridemaids Bouquet

{Bestman Giang gives the flower to Bridemaid Thu}

Bridemaids Bouquet
{How beautiful is the day that is touched by love}

{Pictures The Groom family prepare to go to the Bride's House} Page 1