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Our Wedding Photo Album

Here are the pictures of the Millenium Wedding
@ The Bride's House in Foster City.

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{The Groom side is coming to the Bride's House}

Come to the Bride's House

{All the gifts are wrap up in these Red Boxes}

Come to the Bride's House

{Ouch! Don't tickle me.}

The Groom put on the Boutineer

{The Representative for the Groom's side go first}

Come to the Bride's House

{The Bride relative invite the Groom side to come in}

Welcome Greeting

{Please coming in!}

Welcome Greeting

{Giang! Don't fall asleep yet because the ceremony just began.}


{The Groom is really nervous}

The Bride's House
{How beautiful is the day that is touched by love}

{Pictures The Groom family prepare to go to the Bride's House} Page 1